About Us

Are you a part of a community that has been at work and craving for good Indian cuisines but have never been able to find delicious Indian food around your work area? Indian Meals is here to help! We are a lunchbox delivery service on a mission to be a bridge for Indian food cravers, and both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Indian eateries.

Indian Meals is able to be a part of a collective of well-known Indian restaurants to help bring delicious Indian food to your offices. The restaurants you will be able to order your beloved Indian cuisines are, amongst many others:

  • Greenleafe Café for South Indian Healthy & Herbal Vegetarian cuisines (coming soon)
  • ArunachalaBhavan for South Indian Traditional non-Vegetarian cuisines.(coming soon)
  • Shivam Restaurant for North Indian vegetarian, Gujarati &Fusion food.

We would like to inform you that we are currently on trial around Tampines and Changi Business Park.

All you need to do is order through our website at www.indianmeals.sg and collect your lunchbox between 12PM to 1PM at the designated collection points. You can also email us at info@indianmeals.sg for more details.

Don’t leave those Indian cuisine cravings unattended; get your Indian meal luncheon without the pains of travelling far with Indian Meals today, every day!